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Auto Negligence — Commercial Vehicle Wreck

Plaintiff Injured In Wreck With Commercial Vehicle Recovers $1,004,000

Negligence/Auto – Commercial Vehicle Swerved Into Plaintiff’s Lane – Accident Reconstruction – Insurer Tendered Coverage – $1,004,000 Settlement

Type of Action: Commercial vehicle wreck

Injuries Alleged: Serious injury

Name of Case: Confidential

Court/County: Confidential

Case No.: Confidential

Tried Before: Not tried

Name of Judge: n/a

Special Damages: n/a

Verdict/Settlement: Settlement

Amount: $1,004,000

Settlement Date: Fall 2004

Demand: n/a

Offer: n/a

Experts: Mike Sutton, Raleigh

Insurer: n/a

Plaintiff’s attorneys: Doug Abrams and Margaret Abrams of Abrams & Abrams, P.A., Raleigh

Person Submitting: Douglas Abrams

Description: The plaintiff was severely injured when a commercial vehicle swerved into his lane of traffic. The family hired lawyers shortly after the incident and a detailed investigation ensued. The accident reconstruction of the scene was done while the initial skid marks in the roadway were present. A detailed videotape of the scene, the vehicles, and the plaintiff was prepared and submitted to the defendants.

Defendants were represented by defense lawyers very experienced in commercial vehicle accidents, according to plaintiff’s counsel.

A lawsuit was filed, but the case was resolved before an answer to the complaint and discovery were filed by the defendants. The insurance company tendered its coverage and the defendant tendered a personal payment about the coverage for a total settlement exceeding $1,004,000.

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