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Burn Injuries

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People who have suffered burn injuries have very specialized needs. The costs of medical care, reconstructive surgery, and other expenses can quickly add up. If you have been burned in an accident caused by another party’s negligence, it is important to know your legal rights.

At Abrams & Abrams, P.A., we represent people who have suffered burn injuries in chemical explosions, fires, auto accidents, and similar accidents. Contact us online or call us at 919-755-9166 to schedule a legal consultation.

Accidents Causing Burn Injuries

When an individual is burned in an accident caused by another party’s negligence, they can seek financial compensation to cover current and expected expenses. The law firm of Abrams & Abrams represents clients who have suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns caused in negligent accidents:

  • Chemical explosions
  • Workplace fires
  • Fires caused by defective electrical products
  • Post-collision fuel-fed fires in motor vehicle accidents

Complexities Of A Burn Injury

Burn injuries require specialized treatment and care. Medical treatment for a burn injury is much different than that required for other injuries. Besides the physical trauma of being burned, victims are at high risk for infection. Medical professionals treating a burn injury victim must take precautions to prevent infection and other complications.

Just as a burn injury victim requires specialized medical care, it is important to also work with a lawyer who understands the scope of a burn injury case. The attorneys of Abrams & Abrams have decades of experience in complex personal injury litigation. Over the years, we have helped numerous people whose lives have been affected by negligent accidents. We will help you take appropriate legal action after suffering a burn injury.

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