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After a serious motor vehicle accident that resulted in a post-collision fire, it can be difficult to sift through the damage to determine what caused the fire or explosion. In most cases, the collision is only part of the equation. Car accidents that result in post-collision fires are often indicative of a problem in the vehicle’s design.

Can My Attorney Help Determine If A Design Defect Caused The Accident?

At Abrams & Abrams, P.A., we have handled all types of serious auto wreck cases, including those involving post-collision fires. We know what to look for when investigating an accident scene and can gather evidence to determine what caused the vehicle to catch fire or explode.

Modern vehicles have numerous safety features to curb the risk of fires or fuel explosions in the event of a wreck. However, there are various structural and design defects that can cause a vehicle to catch fire, even in a relatively minor accident:

  • Gas tanks are installed improperly.
  • Defective fuel systems rupture or leak gas.
  • Anti-puncture shields are ineffective or improperly installed.
  • Fuel lines break apart at connection points and can leak fuel.

By working alongside engineers, accident reconstructionists and other industry professionals, we can examine the vehicle and other evidence to determine whether a design flaw, manufacturer error or faulty part or maintenance caused a car fire. These claims can involve multiple parties and may result in a multi-party lawsuit against a major motor vehicle manufacturer.

In addition to holding negligent parties accountable, we can help you secure medical care for severe burns, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and other types of injuries. By working alongside your health care provider, we can strengthen your claim by outlining immediate as well as long-term care when pursuing compensation.

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