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When An Air Bag Failure Causes An Accident, We Can Investigate And Pursue Compensation

Air bags are so widespread as a safety feature in contemporary vehicles that most drivers take them for granted. But when devices intended to protect, such as air bags, actually cause or exacerbate accidents and injuries, it’s important to determine if defective parts or designs contributed to the device’s failure.

We Know How To Read The Signs When Investigating Auto Wrecks

At Abrams & Abrams, P.A., our team of attorneys has been protecting the rights and interests of accident victims for more than 30 years. We have watched auto safety standards change, technologies evolve and the laws adjust. By carrying out independent investigations and working with accident reconstructionist experts, we have the resources to help victims build strong claims and pursue full and fair compensation.

Air bag failures are not always easy to identify, but we know what to look for. Common air bag defects include:

  • Delayed deployment: In some cases, a motorist may have made it through a wreck only to have the air bag deploy unexpectedly and inflict serious physical damage.
  • Deployment failure: If an air bag fails to deploy during an accident, the driver or passengers may suffer face, head, neck and back injuries.
  • Unanticipated deployment: If an air bag deploys unexpectedly and without reason, the driver may lose control of his or her vehicle and sustain debilitating injuries from the impact of the air bag and the resulting car crash.

When investigating motor vehicle crashes involving product, part and design defects, the small details usually tell the larger story. In some cases, defective products are not isolated to a few vehicles or models, but rather reflect issues affecting numerous makes and models. Our team of lawyers has helped victims hold auto manufacturers accountable for these oversights and take corrective measures to protect others from similar accident-causing defects.

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