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Investigating And Resolving Claims Involving Ignition Failures And Fires

When defective car parts such as the ignition, air bags or brakes fail and result in serious wrecks, explosions or other incidents, victims and individual consumers can feel intimidated by large auto manufacturers with the resources to downplay or outright ignore glaring design flaws that could necessitate a recall.

Successfully Representing Individual Consumers Against The Large Auto Manufacturers

An important aspect of cases involving defective car parts and designs is the potential pervasiveness of the problem. These types of accidents don’t always exist in a vacuum; rather, incidents of car ignitions randomly switching off may affect hundreds, perhaps even thousands of consumers. At Abrams & Abrams, P.A., we have handled numerous lawsuits on behalf of victims of defective car parts in North Carolina and across the South.

Some common issues associated with defective ignitions and other car parts include:

  • The vehicle inadvertently shuts off while operating, resulting in a serious accident.
  • When the ignition fails, other important safety features such as the brakes or air bags may also fail.
  • A faulty ignition may cause electrical problems and potentially result in an ignition switch fire.

Our firm has developed a reputation throughout the region for handling complex, catastrophic personal injury matters. Our attorneys invest themselves in these cases by carrying out thorough investigations, carefully reviewing evidence and working alongside industry experts to build strong individual and class action claims holding negligent manufacturers and insurance companies accountable.

We understand the importance these cases have in our clients’ lives. That is why we aggressively pursue full and just compensation for medical expenses, long-term therapies and treatments, and lost wages, all while helping to ensure design flaws and oversights are corrected.

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