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Trucking Accidents

Semitruck and tractor-trailer wrecks are among the most complex personal injury cases. Unlike minor car crashes, accidents involving semitrucks and large commercial vehicles often result in serious, life-threatening injuries requiring extensive medical treatment and long-term therapies.

It is imperative to act quickly after these types of auto accidents. There is little doubt the insurance adjusters will come calling soon after the incident. By providing representation, we can help assert your rights, secure treatment, see you are treated fairly, and build a strong claim for compensation.

Building A Strong Case Through Extensive Investigations And Accident Reconstruction Strategies

At Abrams & Abrams, P.A., our team of lawyers has years of experience in handling catastrophic trucking accidents on North Carolina highways I-95, I-40, I-85, I-26, I-77, and I-74. We understand the best methods for navigating complex claims involving multiple parties and carry out investigations to reconstruct crash scenes with the help of industry experts.

From the outset, we will preserve and analyze evidence related to the wreck. The following types of evidence can be crucial to establishing liability in a trucking accident:

  • Black box data
  • GPS information
  • Driver’s logs
  • Maintenance records

We will take steps to secure the vehicles involved in heavy equipment wrecks to ensure we have all necessary evidence. Tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers are not typically destroyed in wrecks, and the repairs trucking companies make often destroy crucial evidence. Additionally, the use of these tractor-trailers after the crash may destroy or erase information otherwise found on on-board computers that record the RPM, braking, and speed of the vehicle at the time of the accident. From the outset, we work with accident reconstructionists and other engineers to determine the cause of the wreck.

Our firm is invested in helping you and your family secure full and just compensation.

Helping Accident Victims Consider The Long-Term Effects Of Their Accident Injuries

A key component of any personal injury claim is the testimony of experts and professionals. We have professional relationships with health care providers, economists, and life-care planners to determine the long-term medical and financial needs of our clients. With a comprehensive understanding of your injuries and the care required, we can aggressively pursue compensation through a negotiated settlement or litigation.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a large commercial vehicle or 18-wheeler accident, reach out to us at Abrams & Abrams, P.A., by calling our Raleigh law office at 919-755-9166. You can also schedule a consultation with our attorneys by sending an email by completing our online contact form.