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Industrial Plant Explosions

North Carolina Industrial Plant Explosions Lawyer

Industrial accidents have the potential to cause a number of serious and catastrophic injuries. Traumatic brain injuries, chemical burns, crushed bones, burned lungs, amputations, and fatal industrial accidents are not uncommon. At Abrams & Abrams, P.A., in Raleigh, North Carolina, we have extensive experience proving negligence in personal injury cases involving industrial plant explosions.

Skilled Industrial Plant Explosions Lawyer

Industrial accidents cases are extremely complex, requiring not only an in-depth understanding of the law, but a vast amount of technical knowledge. Our firm has the resources required to put together a team of experts familiar with the mechanical and chemical issues typically involved in today’s industrial plant explosions.

Industrial, chemical, and manufacturing plants are required to follow a vast array of state and federal safety regulations designed to protect their workers. In return, most workers injured in industrial accidents are limited to North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system to recover for their injuries.

At Abrams & Abrams, P.A., we have significant experience helping clients recover compensation for injuries that resulted from third party negligence. We will seek out responsible parties in cases involving industrial plant explosions, including parts manufactures, subcontractors, machine operators, and plant owners who fail to install proper safety procedures.

We consult with experts who go to the scene of the accident and help reconstruct the moment prior to the accident. They work to determine if the accident occurred as a result of a defective product, the negligence of the employer or a co-employee, or a product or part that was more than six years old.

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